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A Life Illuminated

I have lived a life with hardships and triumphs, and thus I only hope to share my journey in the best way I know how – through storytelling. I believe that my journey has only begun as I redefine my perspective towards humanity. I am a spiritual being, and with that, an entire history that was not known to me. I welcome those who wish to care to follow my journey as I uncover who the real Mina Jama is.

My Story

My name is Mina and I am 35 years old. I was born as a Somali-Eritrean girl with distant memories of her home country. It was said that the Horn of Africa once flourished with many powerful civilizations and empires. It was a region of different types of people, languages, and customs who blended together to create a unique and remarkable culture.

Having been raised in Canada, I have come to appreciate the diversity of a nation and its unspoken power towards diplomacy and peace. Now the countries that once stood strong, are now at the mercy of famine, war, and destitution. This is not a world I want to see in my lifetime, and therefore, it is the core of my ambition to create equitable opportunities for young women before me. I have experienced much kindness in people’s hearts and their commitment to be contributing members of society. This beauty in humanity also fuels me, and I would like it to drive you as well.

My Work

Science and Technology

Our planet has changed over the millenia and yet we are still discovering the mysteries of the natural world. The more we discover, the better equipped we are in developing technological advancements.

Research and Innovation

To solve problems, one must be resourceful in implementing something new. We are all innovators if we focus on action.

Leadership and Management

We are leaders of self, first and foremost. We also have the choice to lead our communities and the world into changing its reality.

Impact Investing and Philanthropy

How we invest our money ultimately defines what we are truly committed to. I look to find the sophistication in structuring deals towards responsible exits.

My Life

Over the years, I have dabbled in creative writing and artistry. Though I wish I continued developing these skills, it is never too late to give it one more try. Dive in with me if you also have the same calling.